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It’s HOT…Hydrate (recipes included)!

You live in Houston and it’s hot in the summer (and a couple of months into the fall). Your […]

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Patience Please!

According to Wikipedia, patience is defined as the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the […]

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Exercising on Vacation! Tips to staying in shape while you are away!

We all do it!! We pack our bags for our getaway and sometimes pack a little too much. We sneak […]

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The Power of Goal Setting

When you are working to stay in shape, or get in shape, it is good to challenge yourself with a […]

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Summer Swimsuit Worthy Workout Video

With swimsuit season at its peak, lets face it, most of us girls will take all the help we can […]

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Detox . . . No, thank you!

“Have you ever tried a detox diet or cleanse?”… I seem to be asked this question more and more these […]

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Avoiding a Summer Slump

After months of hard work and diligence, the season we’ve all been preparing for is finally here…SUMMER!! The season of […]

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We’ve got your back!

One of the more common comments we get as trainers has to do with back pain. “My back is […]

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The Joys of being Gluten and Dairy Free!

Okay, so that title is a bit of sarcasm. I have been gluten free for about three years now and […]

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Zumba!!! Its Hot! Hot! Hot!

Zumba is the Latin dance inspired fitness craze that is hot, hot, hot!! Zumba combines fitness and fun using almost […]

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