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The Pros and Cons of Calorie Counting

Calorie counting is not a new weight loss/weight management technique. Most everyone has heard that you must eat less calories […]

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Don’t Look at the Rock in the Road

Imagine that you’re riding a bike down a beautiful, empty trail when all of a sudden, you approach a rock […]

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Summer Salads for Everyone!

“You get a salad, and you get a salad! […]

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Are You Hydrated?

Are you sufficiently hydrated? Did anyone else feel a pang of […]

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5 Ways to Measure Progress That Don’t Involve a Scale

Most people start a fitness regimen to improve their health and […]

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Healthy Restaurant Choices

Here’s the deal. I know that you know what a healthy option looks like at a restaurant. The hardest part […]

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Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road

Happy Friday, friends! I’m actually on a plane while posting this blog, so I couldn’t be more inspired to discuss […]

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What Should I Eat for Breakfast?

Breakfast…the first meal of the day that helps us break our overnight fast. This first meal of the day could […]

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Willpower: Do you have it?

Have you ever said or done any of the items listed below?

“I wish I had your willpower not to eat […]

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In Defense of Squats and Lunges

Some people might be under the impression that they cannot do squats and lunges. There are also some people who […]

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