Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet? If not, I’ve got some great ideas for the fitness fanatics in your life. Here are some gift ideas that range in price from stocking stuffer to $$$. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find something to add to your Christmas wish list! Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

The Gift List:

Invisibobble Hair bands that don’t leave a crease in your hair! Seriously.








Stack 52 Fitness Dice: The gift that keeps you sweating! These dice tell you which exercise and how many reps to do so that you don’t have to worry about what you’ll do to stay active when you can’t make it to the gym. Check them out on Amazon



Trigger Point GRID Mini Foam Roller. Can you say travel buddy? Trigger Point also has other size foam rollers and recovery tools to keep you moving well and feeling your best.






TRX Go Suspension Trainer: Perfect for your on-the-go fitness pals. This can be set up at home, outside, or on the road!




Activity trackers:

FitBit has a variety of wrist activity trackers. From simple step/activity monitoring to a apple watch-esque wearing experience, FitBit covers all of the bases and continues to be the leader of the bio monitoring pack.




Not a fan of wrist-wear? How about a ring that tracks your activity? Motiv activity tracker rings are sleek, functional, and a cute way to track your activity!



–>Gift card to her favorite sweat sesh! Hook a sister up with a Train Station gift card (insert shameless plug) to help her reach her health and fitness goals!






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New workout shoes to replace the ones with holes, or a gift card to a local shoe retailer. Luke’s Locker and Fleet Feet are some popular shoe stores in the area.





Hyperice recovery tools. Hyperice makes THE BEST recovery tools! The vibration technology has the same benefits of foam rolling, but without the pain. My personal favorite is the Hypervolt. It’s quiet, portable, and magic. Okay, maybe not magic, but it definitely does the body good.







Some other great products by Hyperice are the Vyper 2.0  (vibrating foam roller pictured below), and the Hypersphere  (vibrating ball used for foam rolling, pictured below). If you’re serious about recovery, these are the tools for you!

Last, but not least, Peloton. Definitely spendy, but definitely a fantastic gift for someone who prefers to sweat it out at home most days of the week. I hear they even have a treadmill option now…what?! Awesome!