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Monthly Archives: April 2014


Menopause & Exercise

Happy Monday, blog readers! Hope you’re all doing well on this warm April day!

Alright, enough with the chitchat, let’s get […]

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Case of the Munchies

It has been one busy month. I don’t know about you, but when things get a bit hectic, I find […]

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Weight Loss and Your Knees

How many miles do you think you’ll walk in your lifetime? My Google search turned up several sites that […]

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Best Granola Ever!

Best Granola Ever!

One of our sweeter than sweet clients, Kim Kresenberg, gave us the most delicious, crunchy granola for Christmas […]

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Simple Foods Swaps That Save 100 Calories

Did you know that just cutting 100 calories a day can help you loose 10 pounds a year?  The easiest […]

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