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About Kinsey

Kinsey has her Master's Degree in Public Health, is a NASM Master Trainer, and an ACE Health Coach. She's worked at the Train Station since 2010. As a Master Trainer and Health Coach, Kinsey is passionate about using her knowledge in fitness, health promotion, and behavioral sciences to help others reach their health and fitness goals. She specializes in helping her clients develop a personalized plan to create sustainable change for a lifetime of health.

2019 Goal Setting

Happy New Year! We’re almost one week into the New Year, which means that you’ve likely already set some New […]

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2018 Goal Review

As 2018 comes to a close and 2019 rapidly approaches, you might find yourself reflecting on the past year. So […]

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Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers

Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet? If not, I’ve got some great ideas for the fitness fanatics in […]

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Cocktail Math: What’s in a Drink?

Hello, and happy weekend! Just a friendly reminder that calories count…even in liquid form! It’s that time of the year […]

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So, you overdid it over the weekend/holiday/happy hour, etc. Now what?

We’ve all been there. The weekend, holiday, or night out with friends comes and goes and leaves you feeling overfull, […]

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Healthy Holiday Appetizers for Any Gathering!

I know your menu is likely set for Thanksgiving this week, so I’m going to skip right past Thanksgiving recipes […]

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How to Handle Holiday Parties

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and before […]

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Holiday Hustle: Keep up with your workouts during the holidays!

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We’ve made it through Halloween, but now the […]

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Trick or Treat?

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And just like that, Halloween is next […]

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Flu/Virus Season: Are you prepared?

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Hello, Train Station family! How are we doing? […]

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