I know your menu is likely set for Thanksgiving this week, so I’m going to skip right past Thanksgiving recipes and give you some ideas for guilt-free appetizers/snacks that you can bring to your next holiday party! I’m all about balance, but sometimes it makes things easier if there’s a snack that you know offers some nutritional value to balance out the high calorie indulgences you’ll encounter this holiday season. I’ve got something sweet, savory, and dippy (I know that’s not really a viable adjective- I’m making it a thing), so no matter your taste preference you’re likely to find something you’re into! Give one (or all!) of these a try and let us know which one end up being your friend/family favorite!

  1. Sweet: Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Photo from stephgaudreau.com

Recipe link: https://www.stephgaudreau.com/2017/04/01/chocolate-mousse-recipe-dairy-free-paleo/

This recipe comes from Steph Gaudreau, but you can find many variations across the interwebs. She uses coconut milk, but I’ve also made this with almond milk (I’m sure any milk will work!). I’ve also used maple syrup as a sweetener instead of honey. Her addition of collagen powder for some bonus protein is a nice touch, but totally optional. When I’ve made this, I’ve served it with a tray of fresh cut fruit. Or I’ve just eaten it with a spatula straight out of my food processor. Don’t judge me. It’s seriously delicious stuff! My friends and family really loved this recipe. They couldn’t believe that the main ingredient was avocado!

  1. Savory: Baby Pizza Bites

Photo from paleomg.com

Recipe link: http://paleomg.com/baby-pizza-bites/

Juli Bauer is the bomb.com when it comes to creating delicious, flavorful, and nutritious recipes. I’ve made many of her recipes and I’ve never encountered one that didn’t turn out absolutely delicious! This appetizer is perfect for some protein-packed finger food at parties. Instead of  the pizza sauce, you could also skewer a baby tomato on top. This might help you and your fellow snackers avoid a pizza sauce spilling incident.

  1. Dippy: Artichoke Walnut Pesto

Photo from thespruceeats.com

Recipe link: https://www.thespruceeats.com/vegan-artichoke-and-walnut-pesto-recipe-3377665

I love me some pesto! This would be a great addition at any party. Not only do people love to dip finger foods, this dip just happens to be packed with lots of nutrients from veggies! The most fun part about bringing a dip to a party is the opportunity to dress it up with lots of fresh dipping instruments. Artichoke walnut pesto is perfect for crackers or fresh veggies. Some of my favorite dipping veggies are radishes, cauliflower, cucumber, carrot, broccoli, and bell pepper. You can add so much color to the array of snacks at the table with just your dish! In this recipe, they use nutritional yeast. I’ve made it before without the nutritional yeast, but I could see how it would add a cheesy flavor to it. Feel free to sub parsley for the basil if you’re not a basil fan. I also like to chop my pesto into a more chunky texture than is depicted on the website. That’s my personal preference, but you do you!