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Monthly Archives: March 2018


Spring Clean Your Health and Fitness Routine

Spring is heeeeeeerrreeee!!! Okay, it’s been here for over a week, but I’m still excited! Each time the seasons change, […]

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“You burned 500 calories in your workout” and other lies your cardio equipment tells you

How many times have we based the success of our workout […]

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Train Hard, Recover Harder

Are you over-training?

Do you feel like you work out all the time but still don’t see the results that you […]

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Veggies at Breakfast?! Here’s a must-try recipe.

Do you have at least one serving of vegetables in each meal? How about with your breakfast? Say, whaaaaaat?! Yes, […]

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Tips to Simplify Meal Prep

Meal prep- love it or hate it, you’ve likely heard about it from family, friends, or you’ve seen it on […]

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