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We’ve made it through Halloween, but now the holiday season will really start to heat up. Have you made a plan for how you’ll keep up with your workouts over the next few months? If not, today’s the day!

Simply follow this step-by-step process to make your game plan:

1. Make your goal for how many days/week you’d like to workout during the holiday season.

–>Be realistic and write. it. down! It’s always better to choose an easily attainable number than to set the bar too high and feel like a failure. Like I tell my health coaching clients, it always feels better to set a very comfortable goal and get “bonus” workouts in on top of that when possible.

–>Think about what your workout schedule looks like. Do you workout in the mornings? Afternoons? Evenings? How many days a week? Which days tend to work best? Which days are likely going to be busy with holiday-related events? These are some important factors to consider when goal setting.

2. Schedule your workouts.

–>If you work with your personal trainer, make sure you’ve got your sessions scheduled so that you have that extra layer of accountability. If you’re also planning workouts on your own, schedule them into your personal calendar now. As other social events pop up, you can prioritize your workouts that you’ve already scheduled to squeeze other appointments and parties elsewhere.

3. Find a workout buddy or goal set with a friend for extra accountability.

–>What’s more fun that working out? Working out with a friend or having someone else jump on your fitness bandwagon. You’ll both benefit from the support and accountability that comes with having someone else involved.

4. Sign up for a fun-run.

–>Training for an upcoming event can help motivate you to keep moving. Schedule one (or more!) for the end of the year to give you a reason to keep the workouts alive.

5. Remember: all movement counts.

–>Whether you’ve got 5 minutes or an hour, anything’s better than 0. Here are some minimal equipment workouts you can try if you’re traveling or short on time:

6. Make an “if/then” plan.

–>List all of the possible obstacles that you might encounter during the holiday season. Now think about 1-3 possible solutions for each obstacle. For example: Your obstacle is sleeping in and missing your workout. A possible solution would be to schedule a make-up workout later that week or to squeeze a 5-10 minute body weight workout at home before you leave for work. Think about what’s realistic for you.

–>Keep this sheet handy so that when you encounter these obstacles, you will know exactly what to do!

Have any questions about how to keep up with your workouts this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!