After months of hard work and diligence, the season we’ve all been preparing for is finally here…SUMMER!! The season of sun, sand, swimsuits, and tank tops has finally graced us with its presence. Although we have put in hours of hard work in the gym to prepare for this time, it seems that the summer is one of the most challenging times of the year to make workouts and good nutrition a priority. You may feel burned out, or feel you deserve a break after your hard work in the winter and spring, but regardless of why you lose your motivation, I’m here to give you some suggestions on how to beat a summer slump.

Summers in Houston can be a drag with the staggering heat and humidity. It can really suck the energy right out of you! If you feel like you are really struggling to dig deep and find motivation to get a good workout in, try some of the following suggestions:

-Try a new style of workout. Get out there and try a new class, or try an aqua workout to mix things up! Going on a beach vacation? Do your own ocean-side bootcamp for some fun in the sun!
-Download some new tunes to listen to while you get your cardio on. You’d be surprised how a new summer hit can pump you up!
-Update your workout gear with some fun summer colors. Doesn’t hurt to look good while you’re working out ☺
-Find a workout buddy to go with to keep you accountable. Plus, what’s more fun than working out with a friend or family member?
-Sign up for a race or event in the fall to train for. Nothing keeps you honest like an upcoming 5k or fun run!
-Find an outfit for the fall that you’d like to wear out when the season arrives. If you have a goal to keep working towards, you’re more likely to stay motivated when the going gets tough!

No matter what your source of motivation, find something that you can aim for to keep you working hard through the summer. You’ve come too far already to lose your momentum and backtrack on your progress! A great saying that applies to this situation is “the only workout we regret is the workout that never happens”.

Here’s to your fittest summer yet!