Most of us spend a majority of our day sitting. We sit in the car, we sit at our desks, we sit in meetings, we sit at lunch, and arrive home wanting to relax (which means we’re still sitting) after an exhausting day.

I’m going to be optimistic here and say that most of you probably try your best each day to find time to move around. Maybe it’s a scheduled workout with your trainer, an early morning run, a walk at lunch, an exercise class offered on-site at work, or maybe it’s a walk with your dog every evening. Whatever it may be, I know you’re trying, but I also know there are days when it just doesn’t happen. Even as a personal trainer, where my job requires me to move around and stand while I’m working, I still have days where I feel as though I sat too much. Let’s change this right now!

First of all, don’t sit at your desk for hours and hours on end. C’mon! You know better! We’ve all got smartphones at our fingertips, so how about setting an alarm?! The “I’ve been sitting for 90 minutes now and it’s time to get up and move” alarm! You’ve got to keep setting it throughout your day, though. A few trips down the hall to use the restroom doesn’t count. Try it and obey it. I dare you!

So let’s say this alarm idea works. You set it, it goes off… Quack, quack, quack, quack… Oh, your alarm isn’t the duck sound? Well, mine is. It makes me smile. Try to make your alarm something fun! Maybe even your favorite song. I know there’s an app for that! Anyway, it goes off, you finish up the email you’re writing, and then…. hmm, then what?

Move! That’s what. Here are a few ideas of things you can do at work, at home, in your hotel room (for those frequent travelers) or anywhere you have a little space and no exercise equipment.

*Note: Ladies, I would recommend kicking off those heels before attempting any of these!

– Lunges: forward, backward, or sideways
– Push-ups off the edge of your desk, a counter, or the floor if you can!
– Squats
– Dips off of a sturdy chair
– Jumping jacks
– Jump squats
– Leg raises: in a chair if your knees can’t handle lunges or jumping.
– Arm circles: Yes, they are just like they sound. Arms straight out at shoulder height, move in small circles and large circles in both directions. It’s surprisingly difficult after awhile.
– Planking! Don’t forget to side plank, too.
– Opposite arm and leg lifts (also known as bird dog)
– Superman (Sandy mentioned these last two in her most recent blog)

Just to be clear, you don’t have to do ALL of these every 90 minutes. Pick a couple, complete 15-20 reps, get your blood pumping, and you probably won’t even break a sweat! Then, it’s back to work.

I know what you’re thinking!… Your co-workers are going to give you weird looks if you start lunging down the hallway. If you’re not able to complete these exercises within the privacy of your own office or home, please don’t let others keep you from moving. Ask them to join you. They should be moving too! And if you know that you’re really not going to do push ups or lunges at work, then at least get up from your desk and move around. You can ask a friend, co-worker, or neighbor to be your walking buddy. A couple of brisk walks slipped into your day is better than nothing.

Don’t let your day job keep you from moving!