Zumba is the Latin dance inspired fitness craze that is hot, hot, hot!! Zumba combines fitness and fun using almost every muscle in your body while you are shaking and shimmying.   Zumba incorporates a range of Latin dance styles (hip-hop too) such as salsa, merengue, cha-cha, cumbia, belly dancing and my favorite samba.  Zumba offers classes ranging from the young to old. Zumba is an exciting alternative to traditional fitness. From the basic class (all fitness levels) to Zumbatomic (ages4-12) to Zumba Gold (seniors) all populations can enjoy and get fit at the same time. And for those who like to get wet and cool off during the hot summer months there is AquaZumba. With an average of 145 beats per minute Zumba allows you to reach your Target Heart Rate  easier then a standard workout. In average hour long class you can burn between 800-1000 calories! How is that for boogie-ing down.  The fast pace makes it feel natural to move quickly which builds our aerobic endurance fast. It also builds our anaerobic endurance only after a few workouts. This type of workout is useful for maintaining a good cardiovascular respiratory system. Zumba also tones the body. During class you are preforming squats and lunges into the choreography. And talk about a killer core workout. Every muscle in the core is engaged and being worked. The good thing is you are unaware of how hard you are working because of all the fun you are having. With the infectious music you are unaware of the toning and tightening exercises that you dread to do with your normal fitness routine. I know some of you are on the fence about taking a Zumba class.  I bet you are thinking I have no rhythm. I have two left feet or I just won’t be able to move my body like that! I’m here to tell you that you don’t need a prior dance history to reap all the benefits of Zumba class. You dont have to know how to dance at all. Instructors choreograph relatively simple routines that are fun and manageable. I say give Zumba class at least 3 times so you can start recognizing the repetitions then you will be hooked. I personally have been adding Zumba classes to my fitness routine 2 times a week for the past 3 months. Since then my muscles in my mid section have been a little more developed.  I can finally see a six pack! I can also say that some days I just don’t have the energy to run,spin or lift weights. My stress of day to day life gets in the way.  But on those days when I feel like a train has hit me I will take a Zumba class. At the end of class I feel like a different person. I’m up-lifted and in a better mood.  It must be the fantastic music and rhythm I feel during class.  I leave class happy amd sweaty from a great hard core workout!! Try a Zumba class just once to get out of your comfort zone. I promise you will walk away from class feeling a little better.  Wether its a class at a facility, a pool or even in the privacy of your own home, Zumba is fun, effective and hot, hot, hot!!!

Happy Zumba!!!