We all do it!! We pack our bags for our getaway and sometimes pack a little too much. We sneak in resistance bands and other workout gear just in case we want to workout. We dont want to break away for our fitness routines so we try to commit to our workouts on our vacations.  Getting away form our everyday life is great for the soul and getting away from our day to day workout routine is fantastic for our bodies. Vacation can be a perfect time to exercise. Freeing yourself from regular fitness allows you to open your mind to new ways of moving your body. Here is a great tip for keep in shape while on VA-CA. Participate in natural activities that are physical and fun. Activities such as walking, hiking, riding a bike, swimming, surfing and snorkeling.  All of which burn calories.

If you seldom go on vacation and workout hard during the year try to keep your mind off getting that workout in or how many calories you are consuming. Splurge a little, after all this does not happen often. Especially if your vacation is a week or less. Remember the purpose of your vaction is to RELAX, enjoy yourself and do things you dont normally do everyday. So go ahead have that frozen cocktail or two and definatley go for your favorite desert.

If you vacation often or they are longer than a week get up move and count your calories. Dont un-do everything your worked so hard for. Remember it’s easier to get out of shape then it is to get back in (its twice as hard). Tip: watch what you eat, try to cook in, eat out less and make better choices. Try to fit your workouts in. Using at least 30% of the effort of your regular workouts while on vacation will allow you to maintain current level of fitness. You will only be able to maintain your current fitness level for about a week. Anytime longer you will loose it.  

So you lucky long-term vacationers that want to stay in shape here is a quick intense  sample workout that you can use as many times as you want.  Follow this with a quick cardio segment of your choice for 20 minutes. I promise you won’t feel guilty while you have that extra frozen margarita!!!! Happy Vacation!!! Enjoy It!!! You Deserve It!!!


Perform the following exercises for 1 minuite with 10 seconds of rest inbetween. Repeat 3 X’s

Push-ups (any position)

Planking ( any variation)

Jump Squats (modifications can be used)

Dips (on floor, chair or bench)

Jump lunges (modifications can be used)