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Now that the weather is getting closer to tolerable temps, it’s time to get outside with friends and family! What better way to get outside than to participate in a fun run?! Just because it’s called a “Fun Run” doesn’t mean you actually have run, either. You can move at your own pace and chat with your friends and family if that’s more your style. If you get a little competitive, like me, then you can definitely use that competitive edge to PR on your mile splits- just be sure to arrive early enough to secure a spot at the front! Whether you’re training for the Houston Marathon coming up on January 20th, or you just want a fun event to keep you motivated this Fall, signing up for a Fall or Winter fun run might just be your answer! Last year, I decided to finish the 5 race series called Run Houston! Race Series (find the race series here) which includes 5 races in 5 different locations in the Houston area. When you finish the series, you get a cool rack to hang all of your medals! It was a fun goal that kept me motivated the entire year long since the races are well spread out throughout the year. The cool thing is, you don’t have to sign up for all 5, you can pick and choose the races you’d like to sign up for as they come up throughout the year. I highly recommend that series if you want a challenge that keeps on going throughout the whole year!

The most comprehensive list I’ve come across for all upcoming fun runs in the Houston area is from You can filter your search so that even if you’re traveling, you might be able to find a fun run at your destination while you’re there! What better way to check out a new city?! Here’s the link I used to find upcoming races in our area: click here to view all events

The website has races that range from 1 mile/Kid run to full marathons, though the majority of races tend to be 5k’s and many with a 10k option. This makes these events great for everyone! Plus, you tend to get pretty cool swag at races these days. Most races include some type of shirt, a cool medal for all finishers, and often some booze at the end for all adults of drinking age. Below I’ve listed some of the upcoming fun runs that caught my eye and their corresponding number on the list so you can quickly find them on the site to register (or just google the name of the event!).

A few upcoming fun runs:

October 20th: Child Advocates Superhero run 5k, 1k Kids run (#11 on the list)

October 27th: Monster Mash 10k, 5k, Kids Mile (#22 on the list)

October 27th: West U Halloween Dash 5k- costumes encouraged! (#24 on the list)

October 28th: Dia de los Muertos 5k (#25 on the list)

November 3rd: Zombie Charge Mud Run- 5k obstacle run (#31 on the list)

December 1st: Jungle all the 5k, 10k, Kids 1k (#45 on the list)

December 2nd: Run Girl Half Marathon (#49 on the list)

December 16th: Santa Hustle in Galveston, TX (not on this numbered list, but advertised on the site)

There are many more events listed on the site. You can choose your race based on location, theme, or even the charities that the proceeds go toward. Have some fun, challenge yourself, and enjoy the sweet reward of crossing that finish line! Let us know: what are your favorite races to participate in?