What a fun day! Lights, camera, action were the buzz words at The Train Station this past Saturday.   Oh yeah, us Train Station girls got a little taste of Hollywood as we spent the day shooting video for our new website.  With the help of Karl AKA ‘Marty Scorsese’ and his film and production background we transformed the studio into a small film set with lights, slider cams and lots of Nikey-like footage.

Our recent renovations upstairs came in handy as we set up the stage in the newly expanded light-filled room for the majority of our filming.  What’s great is visitors to our website can now get a chance to meet our fantastic group of trainers and also see a glimpse of some of the services we have to offer like the V02 testing, stretch therapy, and our super popular group training classes.  I’m betting people are really gonna’ like opportunity to visit The Train Station via video and see all that we have going on in our little gym!  So stop by and let us know what you think.

What I’m most excited about is our monthly workouts that we’ll share with everyone through our website and You Tube.  Our first workout is featured this month and is a heart pumping cardio and resistance style workout designed to burn fat and torch calories!  Beginners beware; this first addition to our web workouts is advanced and requires some logged-in gym time.  Stay tuned, though, as we’ll make sure our future workouts will have plenty of beginner modifications so all of you interested in our web training can get your sweat on!