With swimsuit season at its peak, lets face it, most of us girls will take all the help we can get to confidently strut our bathing suit clad bodies around the pools and beaches in this sizzling hot Houston summer.   I know you are all well equipped with In Style Magazine’s June addition of the “Best Bathing Suits for Your Bod” in hand, not to mention an extensive check list on the many ways to create that faux slim swimsuit look via spray tan ab etching, thigh reducing cellulite creams (really? Tried them, they don’t work!), and lets not forget the practiced logistics of how to lay, so your fat falls into perfect formation fooling the most judgmental eye.

But to my disappointment, the simple fact is that with all the creams and tanning devices available, the faux slimming swimsuit experts have failed to figure out one thing; how to conceal the plain truth of what’s really going down. . . (Yes, I’m talking about my ass!).  Why is it with all these advancements in fat concealing some of us still have to experience that moment of dread, when we bravely stand up from our well manipulated fat securing  pose and suck and tuck it all in for that jiggly walk to the pool.   Sure, I  know what your thinking, for Gods sake girl, just keep your butt in your lawn chair and avoid the walk of thigh clapping thunder to the pool, but it’s not an option, it’s Houston, its hot, we have to get in!


Well ladies, fret no longer about that bathing suit jiggle, ‘cause I’m here to help with a sweat-inducing circuit style workout designed to burn the max calories while toning up that lower body and working your core and shoulders!   I did this at home last week and started out with 20 minutes of cardio on my treadmill to get my body in its fat burning zone (I LOVE to burn fat).  From there I gabbed ankle bands and weights that were heavy enough to fatigue my muscles around 15-20 reps, then got started on my circuit workout.  My goal was to kept up a steady pace by doing one exercise after the other with no rest in between and keeping my heart rate elevated.  After I finished the first round of exercises (pant, pant) I did a minute of mountain climbers (more panting followed by cursing) and then went on to complete 3 rounds total.  Yay me!  This is one swimsuit worthy workout, sure to put a little swing in any girls strut!

Go get your sweat on!

Liz Zamadics