Summer is here and it is hot and humid.  Many of my clients walk or run.  When summer hits they stop all of that wonderful calorie burning until cooler weather arrives.  This is an opportunity to simply change the way you see exercise in the summer.  So many people have pools at there home and never use them to workout it.  Here at the Train Station we do wonderful pool training workouts.

Working out in the water is such a wonderful way to give your joints a break and still challenge your fitness level.  If you have a pool at home it is great place to get a workout in and stay cool during the summer.  Get some simple equipment like noodles and water shoes for a great workout.  The water shoes will give you a safe grip for the bottom of the pool so you can move easy and harder without hurting your feet.  The noodle is all you need to workout.

Here are a few exercises you can do on your own to keep in shape in your pool, or even at your neighborhood pool while your kiddos are playing around.

Straddle your noodle like a bike and run in the water.  Water running is a great cardio workout and you really can feel like you are free running but with constant resistance.  Throw in some intervals during your running to challenge yourself.

Stand on the noodle with one leg in the deep end of the pool and try to balance.  Alternate legs 2-3 times.

Hold the noodle out in front of you and try to run that way.  It is a huge difference in balance and effort.

In the shallow end of the pool run back and forth for speed, add some jump squats and jumping jacks.

Use these exercise and make a routine and repeat it 3-5 times.

Before you know it you have worked out for 30 minutes and stayed cool and refreshed while doing it.

Happy Summer Training,