Don’t Fear Muscle!

Some of us think if we only do cardio we will lose weight when in actuality you need a combination of resistance training and cardio to achieve the weight loss you are seeking. I fall into this category at times.

You must remember that the more muscle mass you have the more calories you will burn at rest, in other words muscles increase you’re Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). You see, muscle is always being broken down and re-constructed or synthesized. What’s also cool about muscle is that you can make more of it! Unlike bone and skin cells, muscle generation is, to some extent, in your control. Whereas after puberty, you cannot make a lot more of other tissue, except Fat!
Think about how a guy can do the same amount of dieting and exercising as you, yet he will lose far more fat than you! He has more lean mass to begin with! Not fair, but it is what it is:/

Another thing is the scale can lie!! We get on the scale and think that “weight loss” is the same as “fat loss.” When you lose weight you are very happy because you think you have lost fat. When you gain weight you are unhappy because you think you’ve gained fat! We must remember that muscle weighs more than fat!

Insert photo of infamous fat and muscle comparison:


fat vs muscle

I also found studies that show groups that just do cardio lost lean mass as well as lost fat.  We do not want to lose lean mass! We want to increase it! The groups that did a combination of cardio and resistance training gained lean mass and lost more fat.  Sounds like a win to me!

Combining resistance training and cardio is the best way to get the long lasting results you are wanting, like fitting in to your skinny jeans!