Our “butt”, better known as our glutes are the largest and strongest muscle in our body.  They consist of the gluteus minimus, medius and maximus.  We need to keep them strong and healthy for our day to day activity.  We use them to sit, stand, bend , pick -up climb and walk. Having a strong well developed derriere will reduce the risk of injuries in the knees, groin, hamstrings and especially the lower back. Strong glutes will also  enhance in athletic performance. Just think of them as the “Power House”. We need to keep them activated daily. Our glutes play a major role in our bodies. The three muscles work together to abduct, rotate and extend the hip. We should train our glutes at least once a week using multi joint/ compound exercises such as squats, lunges, step-ups and deadlifts (done with perfect form).

As a trainer , runner, weightlifter  and even a mother I have tweaked my lower back plenty of times over the years. As a matter of fact my lower back goes out at least once a year doing something silly  like twisting to pick up a 5lb dumbell or even bending over to make my bed. I noctice every time I feel that twinge its because I have been lazy with my glute activating excercises.  Im  not activating them properly and become very limited in my day to day activity. It takes me about two weeks to be pain free. During this time I try not to lift heavy weights and consistently drop down on all fours and perform the “birddog” and “superman”. Within a couple of sets of these two  lower back and glute strengthening exercises my pain starts to slowly fade away. Doing these two exercises daily wether injured or not will provide tremendous benefits to the core and lower back.  

When training clients, I generally have them perform the birddog and the superman exercises in the beginning of the workout. Quick activation of the glutes and core will aid in an efficient workout. Sometimes I end the workout with the two exercises to stretch and have clients aware about keeping  the glutes activated throughout the day.  These two exercises may seem very basic, but are probably one  the best ways to strengthen the core and glutes. Keeping our glutes fired up will help prevent lower back pain.

The number one benefit of firing up the glutes is that you will have a  fantastic looking one.  What more would you want….a round lifted butt!!! So no “Butts” about it!!! Drop down everyday and give me the Birddog and the Superman.  Your core and “Butt” will love your for it!!!

So Get Fired Up!!!