I started my mornings out in Cambria California with this circuit-style ocean-view workout and am so excited to share it with everyone!

All you’ll need is a bench, a small area where you can jog or brisk walk, a watch or smart phone with a second hand/timer and some motivation push through this challenging outdoor workout!

Begin warming up by jogging or brisk walking for the first 10-15 minutes. You defiantly want to elevate that heart rate enough so that your breathing is labored and you’re breaking a sweat. Once you’re warmed up you’ll move through the first four exercises preforming each one for 20 seconds at a controlled brisk pace and resting only 10 seconds between each exercise.  After the first round of all 4 exercises you will jog or brisk walk for two minutes (focus on maintaining that elevated heart rate ), then repeat that same group of exercises in the same manner.

OK- time for another two minutes of cardio and on to the second group of  four exercises followed by two more minutes of cardio.  Now for your final victory lap with finishing your last round of exercises and cadio!  For the exercises that are one legged like lunges, you will work that one leg for 20 seconds and repeat the other leg on the second round.  Hope you enjoy this workout as much as I did, but i must say the ocean view was quite inspiring!


Pushups with knee tucks -20 seconds


Runners Lunge – 20 seconds


Dips with quad lift – 20 seconds


Step ups with side leg lift – 20 seconds

Cardio Interval – three minutes


Plank with hops side to side – 20 seconds


Step ups with knee lift , arms pull down  – 20 seconds


V-sit – 20 seconds


Alternating reverse lunge side with punch twist – 20 seconds