Okay ladies, I am here to tell you that even though I am a trainer and know how to train my body and maintain my weight, turning 40 changed everything. I also had a partial hysterectomy, I still have one ovary kicking, but not kicking enough!
My weight gain was very subtle. I continued training and eating the way I did in my 20’s and 30’s, but your metabolism declines after your 20’s. And you have less estrogen to convert to testosterone, which is crucial for muscle-building! I kept thinking “I’m working out! I’m doing what I am supposed to be doing! My weight will come off”.
Except it didn’t. Then I began to accept the weight gain and the new larger size I was wearing. I remember thinking,” as long as I don’t go up another size, I am okay”. Well, that current size started getting tight! Then my husband decided to diet and exercise to shed his weight gain, and he did! Even more than his goal! Ugh!!! The last straw!
I started logging my meals on my phone and discovered my portions were too big and I was eating way more than I was burning. I thought I was eating clean, especially since I was gluten and dairy free but discovered I was not. I thought I was burning enough calories to make a deficit, I wasn’t.
I had to make changes to my diet and I had to work out harder, depressing but I had to do it.
So, I cleaned up my diet. I eat very little processed foods now, I eat lots of veggies, lean protein and lately I have even reduced my intake of grains. I also make sure I have a protein smoothie every day since every year you age, you lose muscle mass.
I also started working out 6-7 days a week, including HITT training (which I love!), circuit training, running, interval training and walking. Some days I may workout for 20 minutes and some days I will do 45 minutes (not including my cardio), whatever works for me that day. I bought a new heart rate monitor to help me keep track of my heart rate and it is also fun to see how many calories I have just burned.
I also, now have a workout room at home so I have no excuse not to work out!
It took a good six months, but the weight came off and I got down to a weight and size I had given up on.
So ladies, I am 45 now and here to tell you that you can do it! You have to set your mind to it, you have to work out harder, you have to eat smarter, you have to do your cardio and you have to do all of these things together!

Adela Prinz