Could this year have gone by any faster?

Each year goes by and I wonder how I can make time to slow down.  There are many ways to feel about the years flying by.  I sometimes panic a little.  Feeling like I will wake up one day and it’s 5 years later!  I am choosing to take a new approach this time around.  As fast as time goes, I choose to see this as an opportunity.  An opportunity to set up new goals and move towards them.  If you think about how fast time goes, it also means, that is how fast you can get to your goals as well.

Here is your opportunity to embrace the year.  Set up a new goal each month.  Find a few 5K’s to run later in the year.  Set a goal for more sleep each night and spend a month focusing on that.  Change your eating style.  drink more water, exercise more.  Read one book each month.  Plan on dinner once a month with your friends you never see.   When each month has a new focus, you feel refreshed and motivated.  Giving a month to focus on something new will also give you time to make your goal a routine.

Instead of letting time fly by, and experiences pass you by, seize the opportunity to shift your perspective and try something new.  Take time one lazy afternoon and plan 12 goals you want to achieve.  Dedicate each one to a month and prepare your plan of attack.  Have a friend to do them with you.  Teaming up together is a great way to be successful.

I wish you a happy wonderful new year.