New Year’s Resolution: Lose Weight!

I’m sure this is one of the most common resolution made! How many of us actually follow through? Prime example is how busy the gyms become in January, and by February its back to the normal crowd. I believe the main reason we fail is because we set unrealistic goals, and after a couple of weeks when we don’t see results, we get discouraged.
Here are some tips to help you actually follow through in 2014!

• First and foremost, remember losing weight is a lifestyle change not a diet!
• Set small goals. A good example is to lose .5 to 1 pound a week, no more.
• Clean up your diet. You can start by eating organic foods first for a couple of weeks and then remove processed foods after that, then add more veggies, etc. Hopefully, by giving yourself time to adapt to these changes, you won’t feel like you are giving up everything all at once.
• Keep a food journal. You are able to see what you’re eating every day, how many calories you’re taking in and it helps keep you accountable.
• Keep tempting foods out of the house! If you know chips or chocolate are your vice, limit them or get rid of them all together.
• Replace mindless eating with a different hobby. Go for a walk or ride a bike.
• Reward yourself with non food treats when you do reach a goal! A great pair of shoes or handbag. A mani/pedi. A massage. A facial. Lots of options!
• And of course exercise!!!! Cardio and strength training play very, very important roles in weight loss.

Good luck and Happy 2014!