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Hey friends! I’m so happy to be home after my extended stay on the west coast in beautiful, fitness crazed, Santa Monica. Yes, I’ll miss my peaceful walks on the beach, Chris Ploudre, my guru/spinning instructor (Buddha on a bike), the always unbelievably perfect weather, but mostly I’ll miss my outdoor gym – Mother Nature, who kicked my ass regularly with her challenging hikes and thigh- destroying bike rides! Love you Santa Monica, my new home away from home.

OK . . . can’t forget Malibu . . . Love you too Malibu, see you all again soon, ooxx!

With countless opportunities to stay on the health and fitness track in CA one of the main things I missed in Houston was our super-healthy Snap Kitchen right here in my neighborhood! Sure I missed The Train Station, my family and my BFF almost as much as I missed my yummy Snap Kitchen (Sorry girls. my skinny jeans and vanity rule on this one.) I figured out pretty quick when I was in Santa Monica that it’s really hard and time consuming to make a variety of delicious low-cal dishes that are organic, gluten free, carb-conscious, and locally derived. Trust me I spent a lot of time trying.

Lucky for us Snap Kitchen covers it all, so if your like me and want to less trips to the grocery store, less time cooking, less time arguing with your scale and more time doing the things you like, head over to Snap Kitchen on Shepherd and make your week a little tastier, your jeans a little looser and see why it’s high on my don’t-miss list as a Houston healthy foodie favorite!

Best of health!