Holiday Hustle! Tips to avoid gaining weight over the holiday season.

Gobble, Gobble,Gobble!!! Ho! Ho! Ho! OH!!NO!!! Here come the holidays. It’s time to trim the turkey and deck the halls. Let’s not forget those fantastic parties that are filled with glorious food and drinks. A fabulous moment on the lips extra pounds on the hips. This results in long trips to the gym when it’s all over. Holiday weight gain, we all go through it. Here are some tips to help you make it through this holiday season without over indulging and gaining extra weight.
The average weight gain during Thanksgiving and New Years is about 5-10 pounds. That’s and average of about 1-2 pounds a week. Let’s look at how easy it is to rack up the calories. First you start with that divine Thanksgiving meal, which included your great aunt’s famous mac-n-cheese ( whose secret recipe involves 5 different cheeses with real cream). Oh and what about that desert table that contains 10 different cookies and 5 homemade specialty pies. Don’t forget your good old uncle/wanna-be bartender serving fabulous cocktails to which he follows everyone around making sure there is not an empty glass in the house. In order to get pumped for “Black Friday” you stop by your favorite coffee shop for a grande pumpkin spice latte. Now that was just Turkey Day. We haven’t even got to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or New Years Eve. I almost forgot to mention those extra holiday parties from work and fancy get-togethers with friends filled with sugary joy! That’s about 29-30 more days to try to avoid over indulging on non-nutritional/empty calories food choices. If you are able to avoid those holiday traps be on the look-out for “stress eating” due to hosting one of these fabulous parties or out of town relatives. Don’t they always seem to turn their noses at what you have spent all week preparing. That alone will cause you to have a drink (or a few). Don’t fret, keep cool and follow these tips.
Tip 1. Keep up with your fruit and veggie intake this holiday season. If you are planning the party, try to prepare more veggie /fruit entrées and appetizers. Try to keep your food choices whole and nutritious. There are so many veggie options out there nobody will be disappointed. If you are attending a party, try to fill up on fruits and veggies first. Go for the fruit and veggie tray. WARNING, STAY AWAY FROM THE DIP AND EGG NOG.
Tip 2. If you drink alcohol try to save your calories for 1-2 cocktails. Fill up on whole food first and save the empty calories for that themed holiday cocktail they are serving. Remember after each glass try to chug some H2O. For those who don’t drink and like the desert table try to keep those sugary treats to a minimal. Watch the serving size. Just because they are small truffles doesn’t mean you can fill your entire plate. Remember everything in moderation.
Tip 3. Before you head out to do some shopping or attend a party try to fill up at home. Have a snack before you leave. A protein/high carb snack should fill you up. This snack will keep you satisfied just long enough to make crucial food decisions while you shop and party away.

Tip 4. Shift your focus. Catching up with friends, co-workers and family shouldn’t have to be around the buffet table. Put the emphasis back on people and not food. Try to connect socially without having to put food in your mouth. Keep up with the conversation, play some games and even dance. That will for sure keep the calories from creeping up on you. You may even burn some extra calories from cutting up the rug. Get up and dance be festive!
Tip 5. Keep up with your regular exercise routine. Don’t skip out on a workout just because you have to attend a party. Be a good planner. Plan your workouts around all the parties. If you know you have a event in the evening, fit your workout in early. Set the alarm and do it first thing. If you are headed out of town, do your research. Find out if there is a gym or park close to where you are staying. Pack your running shoes and workout clothes. After all, there is nothing better than a no equipment body weight work out! All you need is 15 minutes. Now that’s a calorie burner that will keep you looking fine in those perfect pair of velvet skinny jeans. Also try to add a few extra minutes to your cardio workout, try adding an extra day or do a 2 a day workout. If you know you are going to party hard and deck the halls this holiday season, the extra workouts will come in handy. You will not feel as bad and you can enjoy yourself without feeling too guilty.
Tip 6. Give yourself your own holiday workout challenge. For every party/event you will attend this holiday season double the workout for that amount. Example: if you know you will attend 5 parties this month add 10 extra mini sessions to your monthly workout. This can be an extra walk a fitness class or a cardio session on the treadmill. Tell yourself if you want to party hard you have to work out hard too. Mini challenges are great, they keep us motivated to train a little harder and help us avoid the typical holiday weight gain. The holidays are about giving, so give yourself a healthy finish to 2013 and a great start to 2014. Happy Holidays! Stay fit and merry!

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