Fall finally seems to have arrived.  We’ve been fooled a couple of times already but it looks like we have reached the 2 weeks of the year that Houstonians live for.

So how do you plan on enjoying this time?  I recently made a promise to myself to become a tourist in my own town.  (OK truthfully my town is The Woodlands but I’m playing Houston tourist while I’m here at work.)

I think it’s true that we never explore our own backyards so this is your chance to get out and explore and get your 10,000 steps a day as you go.  And just so you know, I’m not being paid by the tourist bureau.

The Menil Museum, as I recently and kind of embarrassingly discovered, is right around the corner from the studio.  I just thought it was some random business building in the middle of the neighborhood.  In addition to seeing the inside exhibits, the garden area gives you a chance to walk around and spend time outside exploring the outer buildings and the Rothko Chapel.

Let’s move on to Hermann Park.  When was the last time you walked the Park and went to the zoo?  You can spend the day in the Park, stop off at the Museum of Natural Science (where I just saw the Jerusalem Movie at the IMAX and loved it) and finish up the the Japanese Garden in the Park.

How about walking the Rice campus and stopping off to see the Turrell Skyspace?  To be truly appreciated, it’s best to see the space at sunrise or sunset.  I would appreciate some feedback on that as I’m working both times.

So did you get that you’ll be doing a lot of walking?

It’s important during this hectic, stressful time of year to take some time and enjoy yourself.  When the thought of getting together with all your crazy family makes you want to head to the ship channel and hop a freighter to Africa, take a deep breath, put on your cross trainers and get a little quality time for just you.  And you’ll do your heart will thank you.